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Fortune 200 Company Launches Information Management Awareness Campaign

Geographic Diversity and Multiple Parallel Initiatives Prove Challenging

With over 25,000 employees and operations in 40 countries, this engineering, procurement, and construction company works in multiple markets worldwide.  In order to keep pace with rapidly expanding operations, the client decided to pursue multiple, parallel initiatives, including the implementation of a robust knowledge and content management awareness campaign.

The awareness and training efforts included rolling out new Information Management policies, communicating a change in responsibilities due to a shift to a shared service model, and training on a change in the SAP payroll system. The impetus for including the training work in this effort was an SAP Payroll platform change affecting their Australian operations that included a shift of functional responsibilities to a shared services center in the Middle East. 

In order to meet these seemingly unrelated challenges, the client turned to Access Sciences for assistance.

Global Campaign Raises Awareness and Knowledge

Access Sciences leveraged its information management and change management expertise to meet these challenges by:

  • Developing and implementing a global campaign to raise awareness of information management policies
  • Developing computer-based training on information management responsibilities for both managers and general employees
  • Designing communications campaign to support transition of Payroll operations from Australia to the Shared Services center
  • Designing and implementing the new support organization
  • Developing end user training for SAP Payroll

Universal Awareness Achieved

Prior to the successful delivery of the information management awareness campaign, 45% of global employees said they were unaware of the company’s information management policy or its application and 42% were unaware of the hold and preservation process. 

After the project, awareness of these policies and processes was almost universal. The Access Sciences’ team successfully orchestrated a smooth transition of Payroll responsibilities among three workgroups in different geographies.  

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