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Eliminate Data Entry with PSIcapture

Presented by: 
Ashley Olson
October 26, 2016

Start doing more of the things you want to do. Nearly every business has to deal with the necessity of data entry.  Whether it is Accounts Payable, Human Resources, Contract Management, or other paper-heavy business process, manual data entry processes are time consuming, repetitive, and prone to human error. 

PSIcapture is a robust document capture and data extraction application. PSIcapture provides a better way to ingest the data that resides on your paper and electronic records into your systems, which allows businesses to transform filing and locating documents into a seamless and dependable process.

In this short webinar, Ashley Olson will demonstrate a sample Accounts Payable process that will highlight how automated capture can be configured to recognize and classify your crucial business documents, how the data you need on those forms can be extracted, and migrated into a system where it can become actionable data instead of static information on a page.

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Eliminate Data Entry Webinar

Why attend this webinar? Learn how to...

  • Free employees to spend time on core business competencies, rather than repetitive, time consuming data entry processes.
  • Apply naming and metadata to provide document standardization, accuracy, and efficient retrieval
  • Recognize documents and route them to the correct repository to apply retention and security requirements
  • Leverage the advanced capabilities of existing document management systems through OCR keyword search
  • Reduce backlogs of paper documents to reduce storage costs
  • Migrate document storage from branch or regional offices to a centralized repository