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The career opportunities at Access Sciences Corporation are as diverse as the services we provide to our clients. Finding the right position within our company starts with determining which of our service lines best suits your interests and qualifications.


Careers at Access Sciences

Consulting Services

The Consulting Services business area encompasses four communities of practice that work collaboratively to plan work effort, design and implement solutions, and support clients. Proper placement of consulting personnel not only meets client requirements effectively and efficiently, it allows individual team members to continue to grow professionally as they serve.

Foundations, as its name implies, is the entry level for a consulting career. Opportunities are available to learn all aspects of our work, while experiencing career growth and honing consultative skills. Project roles include builder, coder, designer, and facilitator.

Change Management is the career track for professional backgrounds in consulting, with a focus on change management, organizational behavior, and/or training. Project roles include Builder, Creator, Navigator, and Facilitator.

Information Management incorporates professional backgrounds in business process consulting, with an understanding of information management concepts. Project roles include facilitator, creator, assessor, advisor, and content expert.

Technology is the community of practice requiring the highest level of technical capability and experience focused on implementation of solutions. Project roles include designer, developer, architect, and advisor.

Managed Services

Access Sciences recognizes that companies operate best when they focus attention on core business operations, so we created Managed Services. Our Managed Services offering is an innovative and agile full-service provider of specialized workforce, project management, and business function solutions for organizations of various industries and sizes. Partnering with Managed Services to manage the transactional business operations, that tend to monopolize your time, frees up your employees to focus on the activities that bring direct value and profit to the organization.

Outsourcing is the result of a business decision to stop committing internal resources to a given function and to engage Managed Services to do some or all of the work. By allowing Managed Services to assume the burden, our clients report cost savings and gains in functional expertise and capabilities, stating that the outsourced process is done more efficiently, effectively, and with higher accuracy and quality than before.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services division, housed at our Houston, TX headquarters, is in many ways the engine that powers the organization to fulfill its mission. It encompasses human resources, payroll, benefits, marketing, business development, finance, accounting, resource management, recruiting, contract management, facilities, and IT.

Working at Access Sciences

Access Sciences started in 1985 with a vision of improving how organizations manage their information, and we haven’t stopped building on that vision since. The key to mutual success between our company and clients is hiring, motivating, developing, and retaining talented professionals with a passion for exemplary service.

Access Sciences is an employee stock ownership program (ESOP). As an ESOP, we recognizes these values influence not only our individual success, but that of the entire organization. For employees, this means that every member of our team is truly invested in one another, as success parlays into a win for all of us.

Employment is a mutual relationship, and as an employee-owned company, we believe in investing in the individuals who invest their time and energy with us. We’re constantly offering our team members new opportunities to expand their knowledge, add value to their work, and advance in their careers.

“Access Sciences provides many opportunities for me to develop technical expertise. The collegial atmosphere makes it easy to collaborate with and learn from my fellow employees.” -  JT, Analyst

In addition, our flexible work environment accommodates varied schedules and lifestyles, as well as the desires of staff to pursue excellence outside the office. Our Alfred P. Sloan Award for Excellence in Workplace Flexibility embodies our commitment to the holistic development of our team members.

“Access Sciences hired me while I was still finishing my degree. The flexible work arrangements allowed me to complete my education while taking the next steps on my professional journey.” -  JN, Analyst

Access Sciences received a “Houston Top Workplaces” award from the Houston Chronicle in 2013, and we’re continuing to build on that tradition of excellence by adhering to our values wherever we may be. Our core values of Stewardship, Professionalism, Craftsmanship, and a Service Mindset run deep within our organization, and influence every decision we make.

Our positions come in many forms, and can take you across the country or around the world. If you’re a problem solver, critical thinker, collaborator, team player, coach/mentor, facilitator, business writer, leader, continuous learner, and process improver, please visit our “Opportunities” page and apply!


Please take a look at the opportunities page to review open positions. If you don’t see one that suits you, submit a general application introducing yourself, your qualifications, and your potential contribution to the Access Sciences team. You can also register for job notification emails by defining your preferred parameters, and you’ll be alerted when a position matching those preferences becomes available. Thank you for your interest!