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Case Studies

User-Centered Design Paves the Way for Adoption and Compliance

Lack of trust in records management system resulted in copy proliferation

It was difficult to find information using this client’s records management system.  What records were and were not available in the system was unknown. Most users did not trust it, and relied on copies they kept in paper files, shared drives or hard drives.

Reorganization Necessitates New Way to Work

Collaborative workspace needed ASAP

It can be challenging in a global corporation to ensure that all employees follow the same procedures and receive the same guidance. There tends to be a correlation between the number of operating locations and the number of places to look for information.

Problems Managing Technical Records? Start Here.

How bad is it?

In addition to satisfying legal and regulatory requirements, accurate technical records can save a company hundreds of thousands of dollars in material and equipment costs, eliminate hundreds of hours of rework, and in some cases, have significant safety implications. 

Large Capital Projects Require Strategic Information Sharing

The Cost and Risk of Misinformation

Information, or lack of it, can result in unnecessary cost and risk.

Improve Findability and Lifecycle Management with an Enterprise Taxonomy

It’s frustrating not being able to find something you know exists

Like many companies, this global client had assets and offices in many countries without consistency in where information was stored and how it was organized.  Employees were frustrated by the amount of time needed to find information.  In cases where the hunt was unsuccessful,