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Case Studies

Divesting Assets Also Means Divesting Records...Is Your Company Ready?

Divesting Assets Also Means Divesting Records...Is Your Company Ready?

During the spin-off of their midstream and downstream operations, the fifth largest integrated oil company in the world faced a very real challenge – how to determine which records to keep, which to share, and which to transfer to the new operation?

Clean Data = Clean Migration

Organizations periodically face the need to replace obsolete enterprise systems as they reach end of life, face the loss of vendor support, or fail to keep up with evolving business requirements. 

Out of the Box Thinking for . . . Boxes

 Storing physical records can be a straightforward affair. You identify what you can dispose, what you need to keep onsite, and what can be sent offsite.  But what if you can’t send your records offsite? Sure, you can find creative uses for all those boxes, e.g., ergonomic foot rests.  But how long before you run out of space for your employees as the boxes pile up?

Global Contractual Obligations Made Simple

The Need to Avoid Business Disruption

The ability to track and act on contractual terms in a timely manner is vital in today’s highly integrated global market to avoid business disruption and ensure compliance.

1.2 Million Magnetic Tapes Identified, Classified, and Relocated

The Need to Move 1.2 Million Magnetic Tapes

With an expansive corporate headquarters under construction, this client discovered volumes of physical records and other media that needed to