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Taxonomy Speed Dating

Presented By: 
Susan d'Herbes; Kristin Homer
First presented in: 
April, 2015
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Taxonomy Speed Dating:  Find the Right Match So Your Organization Can Live Happily Ever After

The right taxonomy enables you to consistently classify content, quickly find what you need, and ultimately automate its lifecycle management.  But if you find you’re lacking this key component to managing your organization’s content, don’t worry – your perfect taxonomy match may be right around the corner.  

This session will help you to define your requirements for a taxonomy and evaluate which taxonomy is right for you – an off-the-shelf taxonomy, a custom-built taxonomy, or a taxonomy that’s a nice blend of both.

Once you have picked the perfect taxonomy, you will be prepared to leverage it across your organization and ensure a return on investment.  And, the whole organization will live happily ever after.

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