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Finding Information Fast


Pertempo™ allows Access Sciences to enable users to quickly locate the information they need, by incorporating intuitive placement and search of relevant information into their everyday business processes, and enhancing the power, speed, and accuracy of search.

Accessibility.                            Findability.                            Classification.                            Security.

Pertempo™ is a unique methodology that empowers you to quickly locate the information you need, by incorporating intuitive placement and search of relevant information into your everyday business processes.

In today's accelerated business climate, your personnel must be able to quickly find the information they need to make well-informed business decisions. Pertempo equips your organization to naturally sustain governance in and across a variety of enterprise content management platforms—with a focus on making information findable, but without the burden of classifying and tagging each time information is filed and stored.

Pertempo’s convenient access to collaborative and shared knowledge resources can be applied to optimize activities in enterprise taxonomy, metadata management, governance, compliance monitoring, and organizational change management.

Pertempo features:

  • Intuitive site hierarchies
  • Consistent tag values with auto-population
  • Simple prompts for easy placement of new information
  • Unique views into the information that reflect the many ways people think
  • Fast and accurate search results across the enterprise, similar to those of successful retail websites

Business and technical users embrace Pertempo for its power, speed, and accuracy as professionals store and find the information they need, when and where they need it.

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