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Rock Bamboo or Sponge: Managing Various Responses to Change

Presented By: 
Steve Erickson
First presented in: 
Corpus Christi, Texas

Rock, Bamboo, or Sponge: Managing Various Responses to Change

Steve Erickson, President and CEO, Access Sciences

“You can be on the right track and still get run over if you're not moving.” – Orrin Woodward

Towards a Data-Driven Culture - Promote Analytics Maturity with Scorecards

Presented By: 
Renu Hall
First presented in: 
Houston, Texas

Few topics are hotter than Data Analytics, but if your organization is struggling to make progress then you are not alone. The first step is often to analyze what has worked and expand those lessons to a repeatable model.

Being Remembered: Building an Enduring Organization Through Knowledge Management

Presented By: 
Linda Baldwin
First presented in: 
Houston, Texas

Knowledge management captures good ideas and hard-earned lessons learned so you can use them later — the hard part is making it happen. Building the habits and procedures that make this knowledge management possible isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to take herculean effort. The key elements of this presentation will teach you:

  • How to identify quick wins you can use now to start you on the right path
  • How to get people on board and make the changes stick
  • Basic change management practices to align with a new way of doing things

Big Data for Records Management: Are We There Yet??

Presented By: 
Mike Grosvenor

The news about Big Data is awash with buzzwords and hype.  In this presentation, Mike Grosvenor begins with a simple introduction to key concepts and technology before offering some practical suggestions on identifying and promoting opportunities in your organization. 

Additional topics include:

  • The increasing importance of metadata,
  • Tips on project management and stakeholder engagement, and
  • Criteria for the selection of software.

Taxonomy Speed Dating

Presented By: 
Susan d'Herbes; Kristin Homer

Taxonomy Speed Dating:  Find the Right Match So Your Organization Can Live Happily Ever After

The right taxonomy enables you to consistently classify content, quickly find what you need, and ultimately automate its lifecycle management.  But if you find you’re lacking this key component to managing your organization’s content, don’t worry – your perfect taxonomy match may be right around the corner.