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Braving the Rapids with Information Management: Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures

Presented By: 
Jacque Passino, Steve Erickson
First presented in: 
October 2013

We are seeing a reinvigorated interest in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures as companies seek new ways to grow and stay competitive. However, too often companies begin navigating the tumultuous rapids of these business activities without giving serious thought to day-to-day operations. In particular, information management groups within the company are often asked to dip their oars into these rough waters after the strategic decisions have been made and the transaction publicly announced.

LDEQ's Electronic Document Management System

Presented By: 
Ellen Peneguy
First presented in: 
September 2013

Access Sciences own Ellen Peneguy-Tadman presented demonstrations of the web-based public and private records access viewer that we developed for the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. The demonstrations generated enthusiastic conversations, questions, and knowledge sharing amongst the audience.

Bridging the Gap: Transforming the Knowledge Worker Experience with RIM

Presented By: 
Anne Tülek, Glen Hilford, John Rhoades
First presented in: 
February 2013

Successful RIM programs master competing interests by addressing the requirements presented by paper and electronic records as well as structured and unstructured content.  These successful programs are fluent in communicating across all organizational levels and to all employees, regardless of employee tenure or expertise.  Despite best intentions, RIM programs can struggle communicating their value beyond achieving compliance objectives. 

Maximizing SharePoint in an Enterprise-Wide Content Management Solution

Presented By: 
Glen Hilford
First presented in: 
October 2011

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We reflect on some of our first-hand experiences in order to design a custom ECM architecture, guide you through the implementation and enhancement process, and ensure user adoption of your end-to-end ECM solution.
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Building, Implementing, and Distributing Retention Schedules Your Company Can Actually Use

Presented By: 
Claudette Lloyd, Rich Russo
First presented in: 
April 2011

Claudette Lloyd and Rich Russo lead a discussion on building effective retention schedules.  They help the audience to analyze the options available to develop a records retention schedule and select the best one for their organization; to identify the necessary pre-conditions required to successfully implement a records retention schedule and to begin formulating a plan for their company; and to explore the specific challenges of distributing a retention schedule to email, shared drives, ERM/ECRM systems and more.