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Project Services

Project Services


Project services require skilled resources

The shortages of skilled professionals, as well as the need to focus on core competencies, has prompted many organizations to seek expertise beyond traditional boundaries. Performing well in your core competencies, while taking on a new project or navigating through a shortage of skilled talent, can be difficult and cost prohibitive.


Finding the solution that allows you to only pay for the project management services you need, when you need them, is ideal. Our solutions will give you access to more knowledge, talent, and experience, while contributing to profits.

We partner with organizations to address their workforce challenges. Our project management solutions leverage our core staffing expertise to deliver increased productivity and reduce overall costs for business functions and processes, across multiple industries and disciplines. The results are labor and process efficiencies, stabilized work outcomes, and optimized business results. Whether handling a core competency or a non-core function in your organization, we’ll design a customized program to meet your unique requirements and deliver successful end results.

Our project management services are a natural extension of our critical skill placement specialties and include the following:

  • Business analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Program and project management
  • Program integration
  • Project tracking and reporting


Given today's lean internal staffing, it makes good business sense to turn over some legal support services to an organization with strict quality assurance methods and one that ensures accuracy and timeliness of work throughout. Our Legal Support services can assist you in maintaining a compliant, well-run, low-risk operation.

Our Legal services include:

  • Case management
  • Compliance support
  • Document review
  • eDiscovery support


Your goal is to develop innovative products that move the world.  In the complex engineering industry, that’s not a simple task. But think about what would happen if your top engineers could focus solely on what they do best, and the engineering support functions were operating at peak performance. This combined efficiency could yield innovative products that surpass your expectations – and the world’s expectations as well.

This scenario can best be achieved with the right people and processes, and that’s where we can help. With a strong background in engineering and workforce management, our solutions are comprehensive, incorporating lean thinking, operational expertise, and top talent from a single provider.

Our Engineering services include:

  • Bill of material construction and maintenance
  • CAD support
  • Design engineering
  • Document control
  • Engineering document management
  • Engineering change notice control
  • Environmental health and safety engineering
  • Facilities maintenance engineering
  • Field service engineering
  • Product validation and testing
  • Quality engineering
  • Reliability testing
  • Sustaining engineering

Information Technology

Information technology plays a major part in the efficient running of your organization, but like many organizations, you may not have the staff, budget, or infrastructure to support it.  Count on us to design, develop, and deliver flexible IT solutions and free up your team for business critical activities.

Our Information Technology services include:

  • Data entry
  • Data migration
  • Network architecture and administration
  • Help desk support
  • Software administration
  • Software development and testing
  • Software engineering


Let us help you secure and manage your talent more strategically!