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SharePoint Solution Increases Knowledge Worker Efficiency by 10%

Importance of Leveraging Information Assets 

Upstream oil and gas assets often have a lifespan of 30 or more years encompassing cycles of exploration, development, and production.  In order to monetize these assets, energy companies invest enormous sums to design and develop the infrastructure needed to advance from exploration activities to a producing field – a process known as a development project.  While this infrastructure can take many forms based on the needs of the specific asset (e.g. undersea pipelines, production platforms, LNG plants, etc.), at a high level, each project is similar.
During an asset’s lifespan, information about it is generated at great expense to the company, yet the information is not always curated well, leading to issues of findability, information loss, confusion about its accuracy, and, in some cases, the added cost of recreating information.

To address these issues, our client formed a Development Business Unit (Development) devoted to the full lifecycle of development projects and the subsequent handoff of critical information to the Production Business Unit.  Development had over 30 distinct business functions and a portfolio of up to 50 major capital projects with an average budget of approximately $1B USD.  Consequently, effective use and management of this highly-matrixed BU’s information and knowledge is essential.  

Prior to engaging Access Sciences, Development attempted to achieve this daunting objective by directing each function and capital project to use SharePoint.  Without common standards and a shared architecture across these groups, however, they soon discovered this uncoordinated approach did not bring them closer to their goal.  Instead it resulted in a number of issues, including:

  • A fragmented and disconnected environment where each function and project worked in isolation from each other in separate information silos
  • Limited user functionality due to site implementations without user input
  • A proliferation of sites in different states of completion and with overlapping purposes (over 600 sites with 200 administrators)
  • Users unable to access and view content relevant to their work and duplicating effort
  • Inconsistent collaboration with other functions, projects, and business units – sometimes in different countries, making it difficult to leverage prior work and lessons learned
  • Inability to confidently locate information without reliance on personal relationships
  • In the end, Development turned to Access Sciences for help in deploying a SharePoint solution where it could organize, maximize, and leverage its information

Pertempo™ for SharePoint is the solution 

To come up with an optimal solution, Access Sciences collaborated with Development personnel from each function and capital project to design, develop, and deploy a Pertempo™-based solution in SharePoint. 

User input was essential in designing a SharePoint solution that reflects in the site navigation and views how they use and interact with their information.  Since all users do not think the same, the solution allows them to look for content using meaningful search terms and get to the same information from different points of view across functions and within departments.

Development’s business terminology varied widely with activities in over 40 countries. We had to synthesize and standardize this terminology into a classification scheme, allowing users to identify, manage, and retrieve information with confidence. 

To prevent users from being stymied by overly restrictive security access, we took a “no harm to know” approach and created an open access model, limiting access only where necessary.   We also designed the solution to automate the application of policies, where possible, to ensure information compliance by SharePoint users when interacting with the content.

In addition to our Pertempo™ for SharePoint framework we also leveraged our 30+ years of consulting experience with records and information management projects to successfully deploy the solution, conduct user-testing, migrate content, and provide post-implementation support.

We facilitated user engagement, adoption, and long term sustainability to ensure Development realized its return on investment.  We accomplished these objectives by:

  • Creating a support site and a comprehensive training strategy and program
  • Providing training to end users and administrators around the globe
  • Transitioning governance processes and tools to client administrators

Confidence that information can be found is priceless

Prior to the successful deployment of Pertempo™, confidently finding information about an upstream asset was, at best, hit or miss and the older the information, the higher the likelihood that the information could not be found.  

Now, information is automatically and rigorously classified and is typically found within 3-4 clicks.  The end result is a more efficient, higher performing, and less frustrated workforce and information that is properly curated so that it can be found years after the fact, avoiding recreation at enormous cost.

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