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Office Move Drives Physical Records Cleanup

Everyone Has to Move

Working in the same building for so many years, employees of the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) had amassed volumes of paper.  With an impending move into a smaller building, employees had to take a long hard look at what they could actually take with them.

$2,000,000 Savings Realized due to Access Sciences’ Diligence

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development had a problem...Hurricane Katrina clean up-related expense records could not be located.  Without these records, the agency was faced with reimbursing FEMA $2,000,000 unnecessarily. 

Canadian Utility Company Realizes Operational Cost Savings with New Technical Records Program

What is the Real Value of Technical Records?

Records management programs tend to focus on the legal consequences of not keeping records that should be retained, or retaining records that should be destroyed.

Reorganization Necessitates New Way to Work

Collaborative workspace needed ASAP

It can be challenging in a global corporation to ensure that all employees follow the same procedures and receive the same guidance. There tends to be a correlation between the number of operating locations and the number of places to look for information.

Improve Findability and Lifecycle Management with an Enterprise Taxonomy

It’s frustrating not being able to find something you know exists

Like many companies, this global client had assets and offices in many countries without consistency in where information was stored and how it was organized.  Employees were frustrated by the amount of time needed to find information.  In cases where the hunt was unsuccessful, 

How Do You Share Records After A Divestiture?

How Do You Share Records After a Divestiture?

After the spin-off of their midstream and downstream operations, the fifth largest integrated oil company in the world retained ownership of historical records.  Prior to the split, employees of both companies worked to identify and transfer records, ensuring correct records ownership and accessibility; however, coming out of this process, the companies also knew

Out of the Box Thinking for . . . Boxes

 Storing physical records can be a straightforward affair. You identify what you can dispose, what you need to keep onsite, and what can be sent offsite.  But what if you can’t send your records offsite? Sure, you can find creative uses for all those boxes, e.g., ergonomic foot rests.  But how long before you run out of space for your employees as the boxes pile up?

Fortune 10 Company's Physical Records Identification, Classification, and Relocation

Not Enough Room for It All

As the move-in date approached for a new expansive corporate headquarters, it became apparent to this client that their new location did not have sufficient storage space for all of the existing physical records accumulated over decades of operation.

Top 10 Publicly Traded Company Retrieves Production Well Documents Quickly After Oil Spill

Top 10 Publicly Traded Company Retrieves Production Well Documents Quickly After Oil Spill

This integrated energy company ranks among the top 10 publicly traded companies in the world.