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Search and Collaboration for Global Fortune 100 Highly Regulated Company

The challenge: A drain of millions of dollars a year in unnecessary fines, lost time due to inefficient collaboration, and ineffective enterprise information search capabilities.
This company of more than 60,000 computer users needed a comprehensive solution to improve their information management infrastructure, technology, and practices. Access Sciences contributed in a variety of ways:

Large Midwest Utility Company Implements ECM Ahead of Others

The challenge: Unmanaged content in this highly regulated environment caused unnecessary risk of non-compliance, increased storage and retrieval costs, and inefficient use of employees' time as they searched for, missed, and often re-created content.

Information Management and Technology Strategy for Fortune 200 Highly Regulated Company

The challenge: After decades of haphazard information management practices and growth by acquisition, the downstream division of this integrated energy company needed a fresh evaluation of its information management strategy and portfolio and a plan to address the findings.  Access Sciences contributed in a variety of ways:

Content Conversion and Integration in Highly Regulated Plant Environment

The challenge: Deteriorating equipment files which were difficult to locate, creating a non-compliance risk with OSHA and other regulatory agencies.
This company needed a pragmatic approach for organizing and storing equipment files for reference during emergencies, maintenance, and repair. Further, the company needed to integrate the equipment files with their ERP system (SAP) for quick reference and efficient workflow processing. Access Sciences:

Acquisition-Driven Information Chaos Tamed

The challenge: A company that grew rapidly through acquisitions at a rate faster than assimilation could be achieved. The acquisitions were of related companies in the same industry, but no investments were made to streamline processes, combine cultures, or share information management practices. Thus, when information about certain assets was needed, employees made a practice of purchasing (and repurchasing) that information from external sources, as they had no way to know if the information existed within their company and - if it did exist - how to find it.

ECRM Organization Design for Fortune 25 Company

The challenge: As a Fortune 25 company with operations around the globe, this company had previously responded to a series of downward industry cycles by reducing their content management and records management capabilities to the bare bones. As their awareness of their risky position increased, so did industry activity regarding poorly managed information, expensive litigation, and improving discovery management.
As a trusted ECRM industry resource, this client engaged Access Sciences to: