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Project Management

Access Sciences' Public Sector Expertise Drives Harris County ECM Selection

Harris County, Texas, is the most populous county in Texas and the third-most populous county in the United States. Houston, the largest city in Texas and fourth-largest city in the United States, is the county seat.

Speed-to-Market Drives Industry Dominance

How to win the race without compromising quality, accuracy, safety, or IP protection?

In the semiconductor industry, time-to-market is everything.  For a new chip design, the elapsed time from concept to production in a new fabrication plant can be as little as eighteen months.

1.2 Million Magnetic Tapes Identified, Classified, and Relocated

The Need to Move 1.2 Million Magnetic Tapes

With an expansive corporate headquarters under construction, this client discovered volumes of physical records and other media that needed to

Fortune 10 Company's Physical Records Identification, Classification, and Relocation

Not Enough Room for It All

As the move-in date approached for a new expansive corporate headquarters, it became apparent to this client that their new location did not have sufficient storage space for all of the existing physical records accumulated over decades of operation.

USCG Housing Asset Line Stand Up

Data-driven Asset Management Supports Coast Guard Personnel Housing Needs

As part of its comprehensive initiative to modernize and restructure management of its $30B portfolio of shore-based assets, the United States

SharePoint Implementation for a Mid-sized Company

The challenge: After years of inconsistent information management, this company needed a tool that would facilitate collaboration, classify information, and provide document management. Adhering to a tight budget and minimizing implementation and training time were driving factors. Access Sciences contributed in a variety of ways to meet these goals.

Large Midwest Utility Company Implements ECM Ahead of Others

The challenge: Unmanaged content in this highly regulated environment caused unnecessary risk of non-compliance, increased storage and retrieval costs, and inefficient use of employees' time as they searched for, missed, and often re-created content.

Global Fortune 100 Risk Mitigation and Discovery Management

The challenge: As a Global Fortune 100 company, this client is the third largest company in its industry. Its size, profitability, and global presence make it a target for frequent litigation and matters that require investigation and treatment. Without a common program for managing records and information, and without a systematic discovery management process, this company faced unnecessary risk.