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Eliminate Data Entry with PSIcapture

Presented by: 
Ashley Olson
October 26, 2016

Start doing more of the things you want to do. Nearly every business has to deal with the necessity of data entry.  Whether it is Accounts Payable, Human Resources, Contract Mana

Data Governance: Leveraging Your Data Assets and Optimizing Operations

Presented by: 
Claudette Lloyd and Kathryn Waller
May 2016

Almost every aspect of the work day involves handling data of some type.

Transform the Way You Work with Automated Processes and Improved Workflows

Presented by: 
Ashley Schilling and Renu Hall
June 2016

Organizations are on a quest for greater efficiency, faster service, simplified processes, and operational transparency.

Big Data for Records Management: Are We There Yet??

Presented by: 
Mike Grosvenor

The news about Big Data is awash with buzzwords and hype.  In this presentation, Mike Grosvenor begins with a simple introduction to key concepts and technology before offering some practical