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What's Your Flavor? A SharePoint Suitable for Every Taste

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Anne Tülek, Glen Hilford
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April, 2014
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The ubiquity of SharePoint® is a given. Its functionality and ease of deployment guarantee its popularity.  But which flavor of “SharePoint” does your organization have? Has the same version been implemented throughout your company? Is it possible to govern SharePoint deployments company-wide? Without a strategic information architecture, implementations result in site sprawl, a lack of governance, misalignment with business processes and requirements, and content duplication.
This session will tackle how to avoid these pitfalls in SharePoint implementation and deployment. The presenters will guide you through these challenges by helping you understand where your company lies on the SharePoint maturity model, as well as reviewing various deployment methods that helps you make sense of your various work phases. You will also be introduced to the Access Sciences PertempoTM framework within the SharePoint ecosystem that helps some of the world’s largest companies maintain proper governance across their enterprise.  

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